Are you caught up in the shoals of sex addiction — and finding yourself and your relationships going under?

As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT®) and Certified Multiple Sex Addiction Therapist (CMAT®), I can help you navigate the stormy seas of sex addiction. My training through IITAP and with Dr. Patrick Carnes affords you a definite edge in addressing this intimacy disorder.

My access to comprehensive, online assessment tools, along with a highly effective, task-based, proven approach to support addicted individuals, partners, or couples offers a compass for charting a new course. Let me help you move through the rough waters of sex addiction and back into calmer seas.

Please visit to learn more about treatment for sex addiction and to take a free initial sexual addiction screen. If you are the partner of someone struggling with sex addiction, take the Partner Sexuality Survey.

Please contact me with your questions, or to request additional information.