What to expect in Therapy“It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass . . . It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

– Vivian Greene

Bringing a counsellor onboard in your life might be a new decision for you — or maybe you already have some experience with counselling. Either way, I’m excited to be invited on deck, to help you learn when and how to drop anchor, and to help you practice catching and riding those waves.

It’s your ship to launch and sail, and your horizon to follow . . . make some waves!

Prior to our first session, you will be asked to complete some initial paperwork, including a fee agreement, 24-hour cancellation policy, and confidentiality forms, some information about your current concerns, supports or resources, and relevant medical or family information.

In our initial meeting, we will talk about your goals for counselling — how counselling can be helpful for you at this time, and how you will know you are done . . . when your personal port is in sight or when the open sea is a challenge and an adventure you welcome with calm, confidence, and competence. We will also discuss how we will team up together, how you would like our co-navigation to work, and begin our collaborative conversations about future change.

You can expect your confidentiality to be protected and respected.

Exceptions include:

  • risk of harm to yourself or others
  • abuse/neglect of minor child or dependent adult
  • court order

You may also authorize sharing of information with other individuals, insurance companies, or medical professionals through your signed consent to release of information.